19 January 2012

Tea with New Friends

Tea with new friends or new friends with tea? New tea friends!

I recently had a chance to have Bryan_Drinks_Tea and Lerxst2112 visit. They live no small distance away, and in addition to making the significant effort to drive to me, they brought good tea and a fancy camera!

Enjoy Bryan's salacious tea photos below, which depict us drinking either a roasted Taiwanese gaoshan oolong (green clay teapot) or a mix of 60s-80s Guang Yun Gong pu'er (red clay teapot). We also drank a tenacious 80s 8582 that Bryan brought along, but he focused on brewing it instead of taking photos--to great success.

We ended the evening with a delicious dinner at a local Sichuan restaurant, where our guests were kind enough to try some of the stranger fare we offered them, alongside some "easier" menu items.


Brandon said...

What a start! Nice work J.

Anonymous said...

Shudda snuck in...


Centranthus said...

Thank you so much for having us down. and WOW those photos came out nice! I enjoyed watching the two of you brew, and just contrasting the two styles.

Good times, good times! =)

Jess (lerxst2112)

Bearsbearsbears said...

@Brandon thanks!
@Shah8 you're still coming on 1/28, right? Bryan might show up too.
@Jess can't wait to see your style! :)

The_E said...

great stuff B^3! may your tea endeavours enjoy much success :)

Anonymous said...

hey what kind of hot plate is that?
and where did you buy it?

Work well with your lins kettle?

Bearsbearsbears said...

It's a GE I bought at Walmart, and it works well with kettles of all kinds, including stoneware/ceramic.

Anonymous said...

So do you usually boil on stove then use hot plate to maintain/reboil

Or do you start the boil from the hot plate? What is the time to boil on the plate say 1/3 filled?


Bearsbearsbears said...

I boil on the stove and then use the hot plate to keep the water at temperature. I don't boil on the hot plate because doing so is very slow. I haven't tried boiling just a third of a kettle.

I do have portable a couple of portable gas stoves in the event I need a moveable place to boil water, kind of like a camping stove but only one burner.