01 February 2012

Our Southeast Tea Affair

Reporting back on our first Southeast Tea Affair (SeTA: looking for extraterrestrial teas?), I am glad to say it was more than a success: it was a lot of fun!

First of all, a big dose of my gratitude to Jess and Duane of Aristeacrats for agreeing to host us. They have a great space in Downtown Lawrenceville, GA--comfortable and with the d├ęcor chic of a French country color palette. Also, thanks again to Bryan for the great photos below!

Everybody brought something to share. We started with a Taiwan gaoshan oolong I believe from San Lin Xi, and moved onto a 2000 Jin Chang Hao pu'er. 

Another tea chum took the wheel to brew a 2003 Changtai Hao Yiwu mini cake (very mild), and yet another took the wheel to brew an aged 1990s "harbor oolong," which was a hit. We finished off with some 1950s loose pu'er from Wistaria Tea House. 

After many infusions and feeling quite tea drunk, we parted ways.

Looking forward to next time! Feel free to comment here if you would like an invite in the future.


ZiCheng said...

Interesting two-handed pour technique. Do you find it more practical?

Bearsbearsbears said...


As someone who has dropped his fair share of teapot and gaiwan lids, I admit it's partially to alleviate any clumsiness. But it's also practical in that it's easier on the wrist than a one-handed pour at that angle.

The Green Poet said...

Fantastic Stuff, Jason. Lerxst2112(Jess K.) and I are really looking forward to visiting you again for some great tea and company. You've really got a great thing going, bud.



Centranthus said...

Outstanding event, and beautiful post. I look forward to another meetup! Definitely worth the trip from NC.

Restaurant Brugge said...

what a post thanks 4 sharing this

Gustia said...

Mouth watering...Can you tell us more about what the 1950's loose pu'er tasted like?

Kerne said...

Very enjoyable gathering. It gave me plenty of ideas for the next one! ;)

Btw, by the time we got to the 50's sheng we were all rather tea drunk, so it's a bit of a blur. I do recall it being thoroughly warming, if not having the best staying power. I don't think it made it to a dozen infusions.

Anonymous said...

Positively green with envy here.