12 January 2012

Join us for gongfu! 1/28 at Aristeacrats in Lawrenceville, GA

Come celebrate Chinese New Year with some good pots of tea! Fans of Chinese tea in the Southeast, converge!

Well, perhaps the reach won't be quite so far, but with a few passionate tea souls in Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee, I am hoping we can take our love of tea offline and meet for some gongfu occasionally.

Jessica of Aristeacrats has graciously agreed to host our first occasion at her location in Lawrenceville, with the agreement that we get water service for gongfu as long as each of us pays for a pot of tea (just keep the dry leaf for later!)--which is how it's done at the famous Wisteria Teahouse in Taiwan.

Please comment with your email if you're interested. I screen posts, and will not make your email address public.

Let's do this!

Jiu Qu Hong Mei - dry leaves


Kerne said...

Very cool. Lawrenceville is 5.5 hours north of me which puts it at about the limit of my day trip ability, but lemme see if I can work a few things around. The date is good.

Do you have an estimate of what the times would be?

-- David N.

Bearsbearsbears said...

We're looking at 1-4 or 1-5. That'd be awesome if you could come!

MarshalN said...

The LATA article came out just in time. Maybe a GATA will be formed soon, with worldwide domination on the horizon?

Anonymous said...

Does that include Southeast Asia, Jason ??? Be cool if you guys came out here !!

Lilliane said...

Hi there Jason - I would love to attend, can't commit until later on in the week though. I will let you know for sure by Thursday/Friday.



Bearsbearsbears said...

Hope you can make it, Lilliane!

Lilliane said...
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