08 February 2012

New Year, New Setup

New Tea Setup

For the moment, I have ditched the tea tray and opted for the "plates and bowls" setup. It's a little simpler and easier to clean.

I like tea trays with basins because you can get messy and think about it later, but the trays get dirty/grimy if you don't clean them constantly. The wood ones also tend to split and break because of the expansion and contraction caused by water. With this setup, the waste water bowl is emptied as soon as it gets full. If the bowl becomes dirty, it's easy to wipe out.


MarshalN said...

I haven't used a tray with basin for years -- at least two or three years now. It's actually rather liberating in some ways. I don't think I even own one except a tiny one that I never used.

Bearsbearsbears said...

I stopped using one, then used the clay pedestal tray Davin made, then used the clay tray I made, then used the plates, then went back to a tray, and am now back to the plates again.

I guess I'm indecisive! Plus I feel better about owning so much teaware when I cycle through it.

Marlonm said...

Been on the "plates and bowls" program for a little while now and love the freedom to move things around a little more. Also makes me more mindful when pouring.