22 October 2008

New Teaware from Jie Sen...

New teaware from Jie Sen!

Volcano Glaze Tea Jar

The first piece is an experimentation in formulating a "volcano" glaze. It was pretty successful, as you can see from the detail pics:

Volcano Glaze Tea Jar
Volcano Glaze Tea Jar

The next set of pieces is a Korean-style infuser cup and jar set:

Korean style infuser cup and jar set

The infuser:
Korean style infuser cup
Korean style infuser cup, insert
Korean style infuser cup glaze detail

And a detail from the jar:
Korean style infuser cup green glaze detail

In the background, you can see the winter chawan I carved. I'll take better pics later.
Korean style infuser cup, winter chawan in background

More later...

Many thanks to Mattcha for the Korean inspiration!


Matt said...

Wow! Your work is quite nice.

The 'volcano' glazing is particularly common on Korean tea warmers.

Your Korean style one cup tea maker is my favourite piece of yours so far. The greenish yellow detail of this piece is natural and earthy. If I saw this on a shelf in a tea shop here in Korea it would surely look right at home.


Circle Community Acupuncture said...

Wow, that infuser-cup is a beaut! You seem to have jumped to a new level of craftsmanship.
Rugged yet elegant. Nice.


Matt said...

One noticed in the background that you whisk up Marukyu-Koyamaen's orgainic matcha. One has never tried this matcha before. Is it the gold or silver label? How is it?


Jason Fasi said...

Matt: It's tasty, but I'm still learning its finicky parameters. Not sure if it's gold or silver label. Maybe neither? :)