25 October 2008

New pottery pics

Red clay with blue jian glaze

Red Jar 1 - oolong insideRed Jar 1 - view 2
Red clay jar, unglazed

Tea Jar 2 - looking stately :)Tea Jar 2 - lid1
Stately red clay jar, unglazed

Hand-carved Winter Tea BowlHand-carved Winter Tea Bowl
Hand-carved Winter Chawan, white textured pearlescent glaze with oxide detailing


toki said...

i love those "red clay" jars Bear! What material is it? And was it kiln higher then 1200 F? I am looking for something like this for a while, really good for loose pu and oolong. Your collection are expending like your tea and teapots : ) thanks again for sharing. Cheers

Jason Fasi said...


Thanks! Glad you like them!

The clay is a local (Southern California) red stoneware clay with added yellow grog so it can be thrown "big". they were fired to 1242C. Got another jar in this clay waiting to be fired with a green jian glaze.