27 August 2011

Pardon my absence

Since my last post in May, I have moved twice (in a sense), relocating to Georgia and then returning to Los Angeles for a final 3-month stint. The result being a long period of adjustment in which I've sat down to gongfu tea only four times since the end of July.

I am now all settled in and will return to my semi-demi-hemi-regular postings in the next days.

For my time in LA, I have much simplified my teaware out of necessity. Below is my setup: a 100ml gaiwan, pitcher, small cup, and bowl on a hand-woven Red Yao minority wedding scarf from Northern Vietnam. I kept only one teapot here, a hei xing tu pot I use for older sheng pu'er.

My Setup at the New Apartment

The many samples I meant to drink but haven't also wait here with me, tapping their feet impatiently, un-greeting me with a scornful silence, angry at my neglect. Patience, little leaves! I will bathe you soon.

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Anonymous said...

glad to hear your coming back.