21 March 2008

Computer fried, computer flies!

After a fried motherboard killed my old computer, I had to build a new one.

To brag a bit:

  • Intel Quad Core 2.4GHz CPU overclocked to 3.4GHz
  • Thermaltake V1 CPU Cooler
  • 850 watt power supply
  • 4gb 1333MHz DDR3 RAM
  • Dual Sapphire ATI Radeon 3870 512mb DDR4 video cards in CrossfireX
  • Ageia Physx
  • Dual WD 10,000rpm 150gb raptor hard drives
  • Killer 400MHz Network Interface Card
  • Windows Vista Home Premium 64
  • MS Office 2007
  • Lots of pretty blue lighting and a silver aluminum case!

So, I should be back to posting more regularly after Easter. I'll be reviewing 2 free samples sent by Just4Tea.com, some early spring fresh greens from Yunnan, and more!

1 comment:

Hobbes said...

Egads, what will you do with that computer - predict the weather?!