20 April 2012

March Southeast Tea Meetup

March 2012 Southeast Tea Affair - teapot
Photo credits: Bryan C and Jess K (thanks, you two!) 
It was a great day to have tea in North Georgia on March 24, and our little group of tea heads strewn across the Southeast converged once again at Aristeacrats in historic Downtown Lawrenceville to drink ourselves drunk on tea.

If you're ever in the area, stop by Aristeacrats! It has a great garden for spring and summer tea drinking!

March 2012 Southeast Tea Affair - cupious notes
2006 XZH in the cup, Jess's notes
Jess K took cupious notes (har har har) on what we drank, which was mostly pu'ers and oolongs. After that photo was taken, we had a 1980s hei cha from Guizhou province.

Shah8, aka Darius, a buddy of ours from the teachat forum and frequent commenter on this blog, was able to join us and brew the 2006 Xizhi Hao nu'er tea. This style of pu'er, at least lately, contains smaller tips and buds, and supposedly is modeled after the kinds of tea the ethnic minorities of Yunnan would use as dowry, picked by the maiden and given to her husband's family. With some of the tribes being matrilineal, maybe sometimes it was the young groomsmen picking the tea for the family of his betrothed?

Darius described the tea as being mild, but it turned out quite punchy and strong, but very sweet to finish; he used more tea than usual, and although the strength of the tea concerned (consternated?) him, the tea actually performed better than I expected, and I quite enjoyed it.

March 2012 Southeast Tea Affair - Bryan brewing
Bryan brewing
Bryan took the helm, too, brewing a pu'er while Jess took over camera duty. I don't think we had a tea we didn't like.

More pictures below. Bryan and Jess did such a great job with the photography, I can't help but share!

March 2012 Southeast Tea Affair - Jason brewing
Jason brewing
March 2012 Southeast Tea Affair - gaiwan
Too pretty not to share!
SETA Crew, March 2012
And our obligatory group photo!
Left to right: Bryan, Jess, Darius (Shah8), Jason, Davin


Miha said...

Nice pics and a wonderful meetup.

We're doing similar stuff here. It's fun to brew with friends. I hope I'm not hijacking your blog, but I want to share this post with you. Tea parties Slovenian style: Culture of Tea Drinking: Impressions from Hosting Tea Parties

Bearsbearsbears said...

Thanks for the comment, Miha. Your observations of hosting parties in Slovenia sound familiar to my experience meeting people for tea in the USA!

MarshalN said...

Your new dish works perfectly.

Bearsbearsbears said...

Thanks, MarshalN :)

Centranthus said...

Yup. Obligatory "catch Jess mid blink". LOL
We had a fantastic time. Forgot to mention that our buddy David attended as well - he just had to leave before our group photo.

Bearsbearsbears said...

Right! David makes quite the trek to see us. Sad he had to pop out a little early.

Elliot Knapp said...

What did you guys think about the 2000 fuhai brick (I assume from Jing Tea Shop)?

Trevor said...

Just found your blog and I have to say I am insanely jealous of your meetups. I love the pics and the tea sounds very tasty.