01 December 2011

2011 Dayi 7542

Finally, I tried Dayi's elusive 2011 production of 7542. For some reason, Dayi was stingy with their releases, and when I was in China this year, no vendor had enough 7542 to let anyone sample.

It seems Dayi corrected the situation, and a sample was included in the China Cha Dao pack as an example of plantation tea.

2011 Dayi 7542 - dry leaf

And it is! But Dayi has a reputation for blending reliably good, ageable tea--a reputation which, in spite of the innumerable competitors now in the pu'er market, and in spite of rumors of processing tea at too high of temperatures, appears to have withstood all tests. At least, it has so far.

Steaming leaves in the gaiwan smell of tobacco and smoke, and although the smoke doesn't appear in the flavor of the tea, the tobacco does, along with a more herbal element, savory and sweet like tarragon. The texture is oily.

2011 Dayi 7542 - brew

Other flavors appear later, include a sour/citrus element, some butter, a heaping dose of bitterness in later infusions. Concomitant with the bitterness, the mouthfeel and aftertaste appeared in the middle infusions, lasting longer with subsequent infusions until the tea outlasted me, around infusion 14 or so.

The bitterness makes the tea unpleasant to drink now, but the signs are there that the tea should, hopefully, have enough "oomph" to calm into something decent after aging. With no lack of "decent" sheng pu around at similar or lower prices, this particular example doesn't merit my wallet. But for someone who wanted factory-style tea, this tea would suffice.

2011 Dayi 7542 - brewed leaf


Kerne said...

Don't be too harsh on it, it's but a baby sheng. I frequently enjoy a few cups of my 2000 7542. :)

Matt said...


Have really been enjoying your recent posts. Thanks for sharing your experience with this classic recipe.


Bearsbearsbears said...

Kerne, Oh, I think this was in the top 3 of the teas of the sample pack. I think it will age fine over time. Just nothing too special.

Matt, Thanks! Unemployment makes for ample time for drinking tea and posting. :)

Matt said...


"Unemployment makes for ample time"

That explains the blending experiments in todays posts! Hahaha

Hope you nail down a job soon (but continue to post).