23 November 2011

New Family Members

I am proud to welcome some new members to the Bearsbearsbears teaware family.

New to the family - stoneware tea kettle

My new kettle, purchased at Maliandao in Beijing. It's a stoneware clay from Fengqing Tang company.

5 new pots and a new (old) tea friend:
Newcomers to the family - 5 pots and a rabbit

Clockwise from the upper left:

This rabbit comes with a sad story. A good friend of mine who recently, unexpectedly passed away owned this rabbit, which we purchased together many years ago when I bought my pig. The rabbit looks joyous from some angles and feral/angry from other angles; sometimes like it jumped in to join a party and other times like it was pouncing on something or fleeing. I have been using this rabbit since it came into my possession as a way of honoring the departed, who I miss dearly.

Hei Xing Tu Pot #1
This was purchased at a friend's shop in Beijing. It was a 90s commission using 80s Hei Xing Tu (black star earth, 黑星土) clay. This shape was originally designed for export, I believe. Will Y. will have to correct me here, but I believe the straight "cannon" spout was for export. So far I have used it to brew aged pu'er.

Hei Xing Tu Pot #2
A larger round pot with a big lid opening, it's telling me it wants to be used for stripe oolong, but this question remains unsettled. It has a beautiful etched mountain scenery design. It is of the same clay as #1; in fact, all pots here are from the same commissioner.

Zhu Hong Ni Pot #1
A higher grade of hong ni with a richer, deeper red. Shape-wise, it looks like combination of Xishi (i.e., the shape named for a famous beautiful woman's breast) and a Shui Ping ("water line", known for the balance between its lid, handle, and spout).

Hei Xing Tu Pot #3
A unique shape, especially in the spout. This diamond shape finds an echo in the handle, which connects to the pot in the same shape.

Zhu Hong Ni Pot #2
I couldn't decide between this pot and the other Zhu Hong Ni pot, so the commissioner told me to take both.

I have no idea for which teas I will use these last three pots. Suggestions?

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