02 May 2011

Bearsbearsbears in Beijing

Bearsbearsbears 2007 Youle Mountain small cake on display in Beijing. :)


Anonymous said...

That's just beyond awesome!

Hobbes said...

A great find.

May I ask where it is in Beijing? I've never seen a shop selling Xiaomei's 2008 Fangmingyuan Nannuo - not even in her own shop (and your photograph certainly doesn't look like her shop).



Jason Fasi said...

The Fang Ming Yuan shop in Maliandao had Nannuo cakes, but I don't think they were the "Bama Gu Shu", and I don't think they were from 2008.

This is at LB's shop, and these were cakes on display, not on sale (AFAIK).

Next time you're in Beijing MarshalN or I can put you in touch with LB, if you haven't met him already.