13 March 2009

Pottery Show / Craft Fair

Davin and I will be displaying our pottery and making tea for the visitors at our studio's student show. If you're in LA, feel free to stop by and say hi! We will only be at the evening show.

21 and over only: vodka, beer, appetizers (we have a chef!) and tea will be served.


Brandon said...

Congrats! Wish I could make it.

Salsero said...

So cool, Bears!

Janine said...

I think the blue is really beautiful. I also like the mother-of-pearl cups.

It'd be interesting to hear how you feel using this teaware. To drink a green-colored tea in that beautiful blue intrigues me - say a light roasted oolong, or a really green like matcha-iri-genmaicha esp on the blue. Do you find that the use of your pottery is as important in your evaluation as its beauty on its own? I'm intrigued by the notion. Anyway, lovely!