28 January 2009

Two Oolong Jars

Two new Oolong jars from the kiln, both designed with storage in mind.

First, a multicolor jian-style glazed jar with slip applique:

Great Red Spot jar

Great Red Spot jar - spot detailGreat Red Spot jar - side detail

Great Red Spot jar - interior

Great Red Spot jar - lid knob

Second, a soft brown glazed dual-lid storage jar with green glaze accents:

Mint Chocolate Oolong Storage Jar

Mint Chocolate Oolong Storage Jar - alternate viewMint Chocolate Oolong Storage Jar - outer lid view

Mint Chocolate Oolong Storage Jar - glaze detail

Mint Chocolate Oolong Storage Jar - inner lid

That is all! I'm off to Atlanta on Thursday for my first business school interview. Wish me luck!


Brent said...

Nice pieces! Congrats on the interview, and good luck!

I'm in the Atlanta area btw, so if you need a ride to/from the airport or anything, just let me know.


Anonymous said...

Both pieces are wonderful! I especially love the second.

As I am a week late for this post, I hope your interview went well.

MarshalN said...

Dude, at this rate you're going to have an overflow of teaware. Take me as a cautionary tale -- do not go there :)

Good luck!

Michel said...

Cool Jason !

You are making teaware.