13 December 2008


In Taiwan, teachers sometimes invoke luck for their students at college entrance exams by serving them baozhong tea, because baozhong is homonymous with "guaranteed to win".

So, tonight, I'm drinking some 1970s baozhong for some of that island luck.

GMAT is tomorrow at quarter past noon. Send good vibes my way.


Steven Dodd said...

In Taiwan, tea drink you!

toki said...

baozhong baozhong! : )

Ken said...

You got it.
May the force be with you!

Will said...

Good luck!

In case you need some after-the-test luck, those samples of Shiuwen / Floating Leaves's new Baozhongs (the greener variety) have arrived via Rich, so we can brew them tomorrow if we have time.

Alex Zorach said...

I have never had aged baozhong...what is it like? The only bao zhong I've ever had has been very light, vegetal, honey-like, sweet...and I couldn't imagine this type of tea would age well.