16 November 2008

Tea Tray & Gaiwan set

Davin made an awesome new tea tray.

Davin tea tray 3

The basin has four pillars that support the center plate. It's large enough for one teapot:

Davin tea tray 4

Davin tea tray 2

More pics:

Davin tea tray closeup

Davin tea tray signature

I made this gaiwan set, with pitcher and jar:

Gaiwan, pitcher, jar set

gaiwan signature

1 comment:

waltpark said...

Tea tray suggestion:

Rather than use the pillars, use small tabs under the rim to hold the platform. If they are dark in color, since you're using a dark body, it will not be very visible.

That way, the bottom will be flat so you don't have to clean around the pillars.

That tea tray was close to my first idea for a tea tray. I was going to use a piece of slate for the platform, since I had left overs from remodeling the bathroom.