22 August 2008

The Leaf, Issue 3...and tea with a friend

The third issue of The Leaf is online, and it contains an article I wrote about the anthropological field study Brian Kirbis conducted on Bulang Shan and the presentation and tasting at UC Berkeley that premiered his research here in the States.

I invited a friend over for tea on my only free evening this week--an increasingly uncommon phenomenon. Tea drinker, Thelemite, and type A individual, he hikes and mountain climbs on alternate weekends, works full time, is starting a business, does yoga daily, and otherwise stuffs his schedule to overfull. Understandbly, last night was the first time we met in over six months.

  1. Yongpin Hao Yiwu Mao Cha from Puerhshop
  2. "Monkey-Picked" Oolong from Chado
  3. Light-to-Medium-roasted San Lin Xi oolong
  4. 1996 Muzha Tie Guan Yin from Hou De Asian Art
  5. 70s/80s Guang Yun Gong

Too long had passed since I shared tea in a lengthy, tea-focused evening.

More later...?

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